Keep teddy close

Sleep peacefully in the reckless wind
as rusty leaves fall and the night grows dim,
your pillow is soft, so like your skin,
sleep little lady... let the dreaming begin.

keep teddy close my little girl
dream sweet dreams of diamonds and pearls,
‘cause when you awake and your dreaming ends
reality hits - you might need a friend.

your growing up my little one
please, don’t walk all by yourself,
always keep a teddy close
there’s no shame in wanting help.

let me be your teddy
to assist you on your way
i’m always around and open
to comfort, console and play

keeping you gay and happy
on those lonely rainy days.
for i enjoy being around
watching you lose your frown
and sharing your smile again.

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Key Words : Father, Daughter, Little girl, Friendship, Teddybear, Life, Dreaming

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    This Poems Story

    A father letting his daughter know he will always be there for her...It\'s always nice to have a friend to lean on. Letting her know not to be afraid and to hold on to those close her.