Everlasting dayspring, I have yet to greet you
as the distant spell cast by last evenings slumber abides nevermore.
Elfin rays shimmer and frolic, obtruding through feign darkness,
interrupted by the unveiled presence sprawled before me.
Bound in these moments, together, sustained by invulnerable refuge.
The soft-hearted latency of his wonted aura, deeply felt.
Sensed, but not yet realized by these concealed eyes.
The rhythm of each whispering breath.
The steady pulse of a beating heart.
A hand curled tightly around my side.
I listen to the familiar melody of a Wren's song
cloaking us in her melodic embrace.
My eyes slowly open to reveal my daydream,
as he remains captivated by his own dreams.
Pitter-Patter on the rooftop draws out a familiar smile
as a hushed giggle unknowingly fractures this spellbound existence.
Dark spiraling locks dance across the pillow
as he makes his way back from the solace of repose.
A tug and pull now felt as my heart holds tight
to the last fleeting twinkle forever laced with limitations.
One last moment spent entangled in his gentle embrace.
I look on as he slips from our safe-haven—enchanted
by the temptress of time to start the day.
I settle into the warmth he left beside me,
drawing in a deep breath, savoring the wonder,
whispering ravenous wishes for our fading perfection to be restored.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written about the lazy Saturday mornings spent in newly discovered love. The house was silent as the gentle and familiar sounds of nature slowly woke us from our sleep. I loved the coziness and happiness, watching as he began to wake. Those moments were very hypnotic and dreamlike ... they were perfect. I memorized each and every thrill of the senses, to revisit in my heart and mind from time to time.