Keggin with Megan

This is about Megan

so hot, it leaves her Beggin

goin out keggin,
tootin, and lootin
Crawlin and bawlin
goin crazy, but no shootin

nose rings and ink an exhibitionist
that poof is distinguished

spanish degree, a cunning linguist

tequila all night she extinguished

Doesn’t matter O’Shaughnassey or Fox

wants a guy like an ox,

or jocks 
or from the docks,
or bustin rocks
oy vey goes with lox

Don’t put her in a box

She's full of mox
ie, so hot, she is fox

y, nice thighs I call them hocks
just don’t call her goldie lox

Always movin n groovin

zigin  n zagin,
like froggin 
or hiphoppin

leaves you pantin
call it doggin
use your noggin, 
get joggin

or you’ll be sobbin

not bacon eggin

just keggin
with Megan

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