Kelly Running From Horror

Running through the streets from the scariest and cruelest phantoms that ever existed
Screaming for help, but nobody seemed to hear her, except for another phantom that she thought was going to help her, but the phantom betrayed her
Running in a burned down hospital to hide, but she found the dead body of the ghost that was hunting her
She screamed with great fear and was suddenly knocked out cold by the dead body

She awakened to find herself tied to a pole with hay surrounding her
The phantom was walking around her sprinkling blue powder on her
Singing a song saying
"I must eat humans, I must eat humans, so I can come back to life.
I want to come back to life and take over the world.
All I need to do is eat one human, and I'll come back to life and rule the

Suddenly the fire went out
Kelly was glad, but she was still tied
They heard a loud moan and the phantom said, "Is that you Malik?"
"What do you think you are doing, Raheem?"
"I told you Malik I'm going to be the ruler of the world."
"Not if I can help it. I'm going to rule the world."
The two phantoms put magic spells on each other, and to Kelly surprise Malik won

Screaming with all her might, but Malik Covered her mouth and cut her throat
Roaring with laughter Malik ate Kelly greedily, and he turned to a human
Casting a dark spell upon earth to make people fall under his control
Following his evil orders and that's how the world was ruled

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