I’m losing touch with my reality,
It’s moved on without me;
A stranger in my own world,
It’s all unfurled,
I twirl,
In circles, trying to find my footing,
It’s off-putting
To be on the outside looking in;
This light shines dim,
Once again I need this pen.

When feeling insignificant
A breakdown is imminent;
Not for me,
They’ll never see me bleed,
My heart hidden in my sleeve,
They’ll never see me cry,

They don’t deserve me at my best,
To see my soul undressed,
Under these clothes I hide this mess,
My treasure chest,
Full of creativity,
Inspirational negativity,
She’ll never know what she means to me.

The right thing
To do is keep it all inside,
To live a lie,
Attempt to hide
My dissatisfaction,
Because the reaction
Caused by venting
Is unrelenting,
Defenses commencing,
She’s innocent, I’m just crazy;
Love is sometimes lazy,
It’s amazing what we take for granted.

With this bliss it creates,
Emotions can be faked
For that perfect moment’s sake;
To date,
I’ve truly loved one woman;
She’s the one yet she can’t reach me,
She’s trying to teach me
That they can’t defeat me
Because we have love, we have each other.

One way or another,
I’ll get home to hug her,
To hold her,
Console her,
Unfold her,
Open her like spring opens flowers,
And from Heaven’s towers
God will stare in wonder,
Jealously pound his drums of thunder
While under the blankets we breathe deep,
Nails embedded in the sheets.

And God weeps,
Knowing only too well that perfection is intimidating;
Without problems love begins disintegrating,
We’re integrating
Two souls into one being,
Catch my meaning?

Two separate entities,
Each with individual identities,
Come to form a perfect connection;
See, perfect IS imperfection;
This infection
I’ve been suffering from is self-induced,
The truth?
You’ve done nothing wrong,
Just sing your song,
It’s beautiful.

You’re beautiful.

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