Key to My Emotions

They tell me I'm alright
All because I appear to be fine
Are you aware that smiles can be a lie?
Tears can be hidden
Pain can be locked up
And I took that key and put it under my pillow
So I can only let the tears out at night, along with the pain
I laugh, I smile, but there's a difference between you and me
The emotions you see in my smile are fake
I'm not happy, not like I used to be
Some of my laughter is real
But even despite that, this situation is surreal

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This Poems Story

This poem (just like my first two) is a narrative poem. It has to do with emotions, and how anybody can struggle in life, even people who seem to be the most happy. In fact, I found that most of the people I know who constantly smile and laugh are really dealing with major depression and have scars with stories that only few people know about.