Kick Me

"Kick me"
Read the sign taped to
The young nerds back
We always feel bad
For the nerd who can't seem to
Catch a break
But to the young women
Who bow their heads
Trying to go unnoticed, but
They can't
They have a sign, not taped to their back
But Branded
Branded into their every being
It burns and scars
The letters scrolled into their toughened skin
"Rape me,"
"Catcall me,"
"Hit me,"
"Shame me,"
People listen to the sign that they are
Born with
When a girl cries rape
Her tears racing down her haunted face
"What we're you wearing?"
"We're you under the influence?"
Cause it must have just been her fault
Because she is the one branded
By society with a sign that seems like
A welcome mat to abuse
It must have been her fault that she showed too much skin
That she was drunk
On her naivety that she could be safe
But she would never be safe
Because like that nerdy teen in the movies
That we all pity, she is a target
A target because of her curves
A target because society has to ask
"Well, what were you wearing?"

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