“Lexy, what are you going to do today?”

“Forget about everything, and play the day away.”

“You sound like a child. How old are you again? 21, right?”

“Correction, I’m 12. I am just tall for my height.”

“Wow, you must have turned 12 -thirteen times already.”

“Nope, only nine, and I have to admit; year ten is coming up and I am a bit unsteady.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Your 21 and you know it.”

“You shouldn’t judge someone’s age simply by their physical showing.”

“Why do you say you’re 12 when you clearly are not?”

“Because I refuse to allow the kid-n-me to be caught.
You see I love who I am, and I like what I do.
I love being me, myself; I will stay true.
Yes there are times when being an adult is a must,
but I can’t stay in the state to long or the kid-n-me will fuss.”

“I get it, you like being childish, correct?”

“There is a difference between being childish—or just letting your innocent childhood be hard to forget.”

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