Kids Are All Different

Some kids are big and some kids are little,
some kids are neither, they're right in the middle.
Some kids are fast, others not so quick,
throw in a ball and they all love to kick.
Some kids are loud and their voices are high,
while others are quiet and really quite shy.
Some kids like broccoli, carrots, and peas,
some kids don't like them, no vegetables please.
Some kids play house and pretend they can cook,
while other kids like to sit down with a book.
Some kids speak English, Chinese, or Spanish,
when playing and laughing, the differences vanish.
Some kids live with their family of four,
some kids live with aunts, uncles, and more.
Some kids wear glasses or have curly hair,
some kids have dark skin, while others are fair.
Kids are all different but one thing's the same,
nobody wants to be left out of the game.
So remember to share and include everyone,
that's what every kid needs to feel good and have fun.

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