Kids at Play

I see them today, all grown up-
They all used to be kids at play.
They played hopscotch, soccer, basketball- you name it.
I wish I had a picture of them and had taken the time to frame it.
I watched them run and laugh all the time-
Yes, your children and mine.
They laughed and told jokes as they passed by,-
Did mischievous little things and you had to ask them, "Why?€
I thought to myself, their fun never ends-
The fun they have with their friends.
Though, they're all grown up now,
Things are the same somehow.
Maybe you can see it my way,
Because, to me, they're all still kids at play.

To: Mom
Yes, we were kids at play,
Guess what? We still are.
Though we have our own children now,
We play games with them, because we know how.
My brother teaches the boys soccer and how to run,
And they really have a lot of fun!
I teach my girls how to dance, and
All about matters of romance.
So, you see, we are kids at play, and
Just like yesterday, we still are today!

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