Kids Like Me

Kids like me dont do shit with their lives
We sit stoop waiting for the next opportunity to arise.
But right now im eyes closed, hesitated breath
Praying to God for the next step. No the right step.
I close my eyes to get away from the future my mother...lets.
She explains it mouth wide open and eyes wide shut. Who she is
Isnt who she is. Mother is suppose to help ME. Mother is suppose
Be there when the times get rough and tell you.
You got this no matter whatBut she's not one.
Nah all she wants to do is run the streets
And buy purses with no meaning
And clothes and asks if I want to go on vacation
Knowing damn well im trying to get my education
Oh no. She mocks me.
Tells me im pathetic and worthless in some degree.
But you see me now mom?
You see me now? I know you do.
These powerful words like daggers through your materialistic eyes
And satirical demise like im some damn cartoon
you find in a newspaper and laugh at on occasion
When my life get a lil "in the way"
Kids like me dont see success.
I guess success isn't getting good grades in school.
I guess success isn't the determination to make it work.
No success isn't the fire in my eyes and water in my lungs
When all you're doing is pushing down
Success to you is paper...Kids like me dont live to thrive
But im not yours anymore
Im not listening to your sad story
Im hearing the lord.

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