If you had not flown
then I,
all of us, I mean,
would never have known
the blue sea we call sky;
or the green oceans named grass.
If we were clouds
then maybe
maybe we would be
Or perhaps
had we ridden another road,
that path less traveled,
there would be no war
only battles. But that
is a dream of the past.
Much like the piece of our backs;
our little secret,
our little soul.
Do you hate it;
I loved you - I loathed you.
My pride, my envy.
My bride!
before bated breath could cross tongues,
before words or exchange
could make love.
Every bird has its pair,
but you and I,
no fair force weighs us.
Our eyes,
and every 'mension of space
trace themselves;
you and I have crossed twice.
A third peace will never happen.
Father Earth; Mother Sky,
let me sleep
let me lie
let the truth, never die.

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