Killing Myself

I thought about killing myself, I wanna die but not in the way you may think, I want the old me to sink, it only takes a few seconds to go off the brink

Not fully man but no longer a boy, I'm missing life's better moments, in a room by myself is the only thing I can except as pure joy

Losing the love of my life will never be ok, I see my babygirl but it's like a split screen and my side is gray

I think about dying and the thought of it makes me happy, I think I'll finally feel appreciated, to get rid of all the darkness that I created....

When the tears stream down, it's not because I'm alone it's because I'm lonely
you wouldn't understand, I have my weak moments but I have to keep moving so someone would want me.....
will it happen,
do I go looking for it or will I forever be free

It sends chills throughout my body, my heart takes control, I see the knife oh what a sight to behold.....

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