Killing Time

They told me not to whisper not to even make a sound
Then out they pulled their hammers and nailed me to the ground
Cries pierced the darkened forest and echoed through the vines
But no one comes to save me I guess it’s killing time
Why have I been brought here? Now I see it clear
The dagger gleaming in his hand confirms my worst of fears
The pain has now become me as the dagger stops my heart
I never saw this coming I was blinded from the start
The once green bedded forest is crimson now with blood
I feel my power leave me and sink into the mud
I see nothing but darkness despite the full moon up above
And I wonder now what they can see if they can see my bluff
My betrayers now are leaving, they assume that I have died
But as they leave my body my power starts to rise
From the mud it slithers back into my bones
My bleeding heart is wounded but to death I am unknown
Collectively I focus on the nails still in my wrists
I send the power in my bones directly to my fists
The nails are driven out and they hover close above me
They wait for their direction as I get up off my knees
The moon is bright as headlights as I look down on my grave
This should make me livid and feel overcome with rage
But all I feel is pity for the ones who ran my blood
Because now their blood I’m after and the forest it will flood

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This Poems Story

I love thrillers and a strong female lead so I combined the two to create a story of vengance.