Kills Me Everyday

Not much to write Nothing else to fight.
Yeah I may seem alright, but that was last night.
I shouldn't keep thinking about it,
I'm killing myself over it.
No regrets yea? I wish that were true.
Empty like a glass full of air.
Subconsciously I still care.
I try to look for your hands, but they're not there.
It was nothing but a moment not a you.
You don't have to live with it, but I do.
When I see you again I don't know what I'll say.
Be like"it's alright," tell those feelings to go away.
Maybe I'll cry or just walk away?
Say something I should of said yesterday?
Cause there's nothing to say to you, nothing at all.
To say what I want to say you'd have to be a wall.
No one knows how many times I cry.
No one see's.
I hide it so well but internally,
I'm going through my own personal hell.
Thinking about this is so addictive,
but all the time I am permanently afflicted.
Love is over-run by lust.
Dawn always becomes dusk.
I want to tell you everything, but now it's to late.
Lost it all, that was my mistake.
Maybe just living my life would make the pain go away,
but that's so haed to do when it kills me everyday.

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