Kimberly Hartzell

(writ tin countless years hug hoe ~ a half dozen)

twas spawned a fondness
for above named young lady,
when first she got assigned to thine offspring
a glint of genuine virtue grew

into a shimmering orb
of brilliant radiance
if accorded a tone - would ring
the tune of countless angels,

which imagined beatific,
Democratic, fantastic...sounds
generated via many wing
heavenly music filling cosmos
with joy as august aural,
choral, epochal...tones would zippily zing

from across the universe
spurring one me silly mortal
to contrive this verse

attempting to capture her aura,
charisma, enigma...purse
sue ing a dynamic link
with said progeny - n did nurse
emotional and spiritual value
with dedication she did immerse

latent social services skill,
plus natural radiance a blessed hire
at Central - in Norristown, Pennsylvania,
whose visits i will miss and tha lyre
plucking voice stilled concern

for precious Shana, who does a spire
to challenge and grow -
this parent may spill tears -
his lessoned role of fatherhood he will not tire

and glad fate that though our paths
will probably not criss cross
curiosity will gnaw within me noggin -
and possibly rub raw the minor loss
viz, the persevering maiden USA touch of Kim -
lichened to Hart tee Moss

in her rooted cultivation club
young regency chance cell airy re: care
toward thee biological lass a lucky toss

of the genetic combination
from Matthew and Abby Harris - our jewel
shimmering with facets of luminescence
reminding me of
one goo goo doll gem stone a kool
aid - priceless staff member

of the human league,
whose golden presence
didst gently guide viz rule,

without doubt a beloved
unbridled priceless counterpart
some lucky guy pledging his troth yes - yule
see stars in your eyes

no doubt disappointment
felt by other guys
envious of he, who snagged kimberly hartzell -
so worthy and wise!

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the long ago august case manager assigned to our youngest daughter.