The roses are red
The Lions are roaring
Hey everybody
Thanks for helping me fly
For because of you
I found my wings
The roses are red
The Lions are roaring
What’s on your mind?
This is my life
I welcome you in
You have the strength to do anything
And that’s not a mere lie of flattery
My roses were dead
The Lions were weak
That was my habit for coping with my loss and agony
I liked the sky of sorrows, and in my pain, I got too comfy
I thought life would such forever
Then within me, I found determination
A loving spirit awoke and wanting to be here was my gut instinct
I no longer wanted to ride suffering’s ruthless and dangerous Seas
I needed to embrace the pain away to find peace
So stop and smell the roses with me
The roses are growing back quickly
And the Lions are roaring with glee
We’re only waiting for you to join the party

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