Take me away
Take me away from these harsh months
Make me forget with your poetry
We’ll save our serenity with our mouths
Poetry is a beautiful lady
So take her hand and let’s get moving
Nobody can ever run out of words to say
But where are you taking me?
To a World where we can play
To a World where poets become musicians
The words speak like notes of beauty
We talk just to hear the music
So take me away quickly
Help me find my muse
Lead me away to glory
Keep me from malfunctioning
Turn these harder times into better days
And we’ll write winding paths through these mountains
Tell poetry thank you for being the one who stood by
Through the chaos, the piece of paper asked what’s the matter
My lady, she was asking for sorrow to be or not to be
The beautiful lady of poetry was offering you magic
She was offering to forget the troubles you thought of before
An open World to have your imagination mounted
A rainbow in the sky for your heart to leap up & behold
A legend of keys to help you get out of this maze
All you have to do is believe
Believe in the poetry and that her Spirit in magical
Be open minded when she approaches you, don’t even say “but,…”
Then she’ll take you away to live the life you have imagined

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