A king.
That’s exactly what he was ,
Brave enough to do something in a time so daunting ,
Haunting our people to this day , it’s despondent.
From Selma to Montgomery he marched ,
The people followed trusting he was smart.
Gunshots and smoke pierced the air ,
The white people didn’t do what was fair
A peaceful protest turned into hell’s lair
Oh God hear the cries of those there
His eyes have seen the glory before the glory was even there
A true king and for his people in times of despair.
No man no weapon shall prosper against me
And anyone else who believes.
Freedom is like religion to us ,
Equality? That just ain’t specific enough
400 Years the white man owned us
So believe me when I say we’re unassailable.
“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live its creed” , I’ve always questioned if he was alive today would he be proud?
I doubt it because negroes kill negroes now.
Not a white face but a face one would call his “brother”
But as Zara Hurston said “ all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk “.
Martin changed the world so much
A hero in my eyes
A true king he was.
Martin said “stand up!”
King pointed to the mountain top
And we ran up.

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