King of Ice

As he rose his sword towards the sky
sheets of ice descended towards the ground
falling upon his enemies
a screech was heard as a dragon
of ice appeared in the midst of the night
fear ripped at the enemies' hearts
they knew that this would be the end
they knew how powerful it was
this would be their demise
screeches were heard from the men below
sitting upon his thrown of ice
he stared blankly at the battle that raged below him
as the battle drew to a close
he stood up from his throne of ice
the man cowered as he walked closer
a look of hatred flashed through his eyes
before he knew it the man's head rolled by his feet
placing his blade back at his side
he returned to his throne with the dragon of ice by his side
he smirked looking down upon the reminisce of the battlefield
he was ruler now
all shall bow before him in the shadow of his greatness
nothing could stop him
he was king

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