Kingdom of Ends

When we die, where do we go?
The light?
What makes us want to follow the glow?
Is it just an ether where we just float?
Or do we sail endlessly like the Dutchman’s ghosts?
Do we go to hell, living eternally in flames?
Or am I going to be nothing more than rotting flesh -
- with a stone carved in my name?
Is life just God’s play with us at center stage?
Or are we subjects of celestial experiments for some -
- other beings sake?
We wake up and live each day just to Suffer from -
- life’s beatings.
But why can no one answer why we’d want to still be
- breathing?
Are we scared of life hereafter?
Could the meaning of our being come from some holy
- maker?
Or does true salvation come from life’s greatest taker?
People spend their entire lives running from the man in
- black.
There’s no such thing as chance, as everyone’s time is
- tracked.
Death smiles at every man, and all man can do is smile
- back.

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