Kingdom Working Poetry

I am a poem
Making change that matters in a song;
Escaping mundane ways of speaking,
Escalating passion into spirited uniqueness;
Describing the gospel of joy in overcoming,
Overriding reluctance with a message of abundance;
Deciding on a transforming mood or attitude,
Ascribing warm emotions to replace too "cool";
Talking about something good in upbeat time
Walking out visions of achievement in doubtful minds;
Recharging and encouraging someone,
Rewarding and celebrating victories won;
Praising and reciting thanks to the Holy Spirit,
Engaging energy in a task, while completing it;
Accenting, accentuating important thoughts
Complimenting, uplifting one distraught;
Smoothing with a rhyming joke
Soothing with a loving note
Grooving wisdom, sharing hope
I am a poem!

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This Poems Story

Poetry is a tool connecting emotions. Children and adults use it for fun, happy wishes, sympathy, the entire range of reasons to address all occasions. Poetry works in scripture, music, books, chants, recordings, as a motion transforming individual thoughts into group reaction. It changes moments into years, influencing private decisions and institutional notions. It works as a host for life events, enticing inviting, delivering, sgkummarizing, enhancing communication with delegated purpose.