Do not try to build your kingdom
On the backs of our men
With the blood of our women
And the tears and sweat of our children

Do not forget the cost of your freedom
The price of our justice hanging from the trees
Because your history is our misery
The glory that you have swallowed
Has overpowered our worth
And your mouths spit black lies
While our bodies spill blue blood
And the sacrifices that we have bled
Have fled into the winds
Hunted by your vicious screams

Do not forget that on the walls
Of your paper-thin kingdom
Lie the spirits of our tortured ancestors
That every single instance of your victory
Was held up by a thousand incidences of misery

Do not forget that our sacrifice
Was for a kingdom that did not belong to us
And that every victory that we have had
Has been a war well fought

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