Kissing Lot

Have you seen this cut on your lip?
You were hit, several times,
Your lips kissed the cracked knuckles
Of a strange man across the bar--

Bones stroking your face,
I like how your freckles are multiplied
By the small drops of blood
Splattered on your rough skin.

You tasted bitter on my tongue,
But I found that bitterness enticing,
How I longed for your lips--
How you always tasted of aged whiskey.

I felt myself intertwined with you
Like the doing of the Fates,
Frayed knots of tangled strings,
Cheap yarn over our naked skin.

Our limbs fell upon limbs fell
Endlessly upon ourselves until we
Could not differentiate bodies
In the darkness of the afternoon--

And I would kiss your back,
Until it was covered in my red lipstick,
And bits of his red blood,
And your red eyes, on me.

Your skin was coarse, rough,
There was nothing painful in stillness--
What we touched turned to pillars of salt
So we only touched each other.

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