Kites and Masquerades.

The sound of the street,
Metals in circular motion,
Bodies that seem alive,
Cross at the intersection of life.

I have seen from the heights,
A scene that dwells day and night;
Busy carnage of the kite
And carnal masquerades of the night.

I have been a part of this hazy life,
To fight with my swelling pride.
My masquerades lie at a corner
Rebuking me to take another ride.

How oft have I taken up my kite
To cut down the crowd in the sky.
Hate and anger fueled the soaring kite,
Unstoppable and untamed towards its bright-pride.

When stars crowd the busy street
People pick the filthy guise,
To cloak under the heavenly lights.
Disguised for desire, of yet another Jekyll and Hyde.

The sounds of metal heard in the distance,
Reminds me of a voice that calls within.
I wrap away the kite and facade,
And as I close my eyes...the voice fades forever.

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This Poems Story

This poem is related to the daily life of people whom I have observed and been with throughout my life. And the life depicted here includes my own. I have taken the example of the kite fights during a kite festival to present the life of the people of the generation especially during the daylight. The reference to masquerades is a picture of the desire filled life of a human. It is presented as a masquerade of the night. The setting is on the streets of the world, yet, it is stressed more on the location I am placed. This street is presented to be the sky too where clusters of kites fly, chasing after their goals.. yet the objective of upgrading self hinders the growth of another. It is pride and hatred that fuels those kites. Based on a local setting, with me on a chair, glancing at the crowd on the street: from its heights i wrote. Yet, when universalized the subject matter remains the same. Though I agree that there is still goodness in the world.