Kitty Litter

Things were going great, it seemed.
Better than I'd ever dreamed.
Then came a fatal crisis,
He filled my shoes with piss!

My cat peed in my shoe!
I don't know what to do!
I called my momma, no reply,
This smell reeks! --I'm gonna die!

I sprayed my shoes with freshener,
Hoping that they'd smell okay.
Today just really isn't
My luckiest of days.

I went back to check my shoes.
You know what my cat goes and does?!
He took a nice long shit,
In my new canoe!

How'd he do it?!
I don't know!
Smell my carpet!
Smell my clothes!

See this new toupee I bought?
There's a gross, odd smell.
It's even in my fridge!
And my wood bookshelves!

This is not your litter, kitty.
Your "decorations," they're not pretty.

I don't know what to do....
Oh my, where's my cockatoo?!

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