Knight of Cups

I don't ever "scrape" into anything.
I walk, head held high, where I wish
and find meself welcome,
so long as I feel welcome to.
Other people's business
does not interest me in the slightest;
I have a plenty interesting life
to bother with that of others.
Especially that of the most pathetic.

'Tis rather curious how
a lowly page of daylight
could think himself a better match
for a mermaid resting in the sun
and even become offended when,
once the tide rose,
she swam away with a merman,
if even for a time.

I have nothing to envy.
The taste for me appearance
that others may have,
especially when
it comes from the graceless,
be worthless to me.
I only want those I find alluring
to fancy me.
And even then, only when
it does not mean
chains on me wrists and neck.

I'd just be happy to find
who would swim with me.
And all the same, perfectly content
swimming alone.
Born of the tides,
with sunshine in me veins,
I need not much.
But know your place, child.
While ye kick and scream,
there be forces of nature at work.

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