Knock of the Dead


“Someone at the door”,
But how did she know,
The bell had stopped working,
Since the clock struck four.

I walked towards the door,
With curiosity in my mind,
But when I opened it,
My eyes turned blind.

With many thoughts in my mind,
I shouted ‘’no one at the door’’,
But then it struck me,
That I live alone.

The house turned black,
And the door shut close,
My mind went numb,
And I just froze.

No noise I could hear,
No movement I saw,
I thought it was a mistake,
But I was proved wrong.

Presence of someone,
Could now be sensed,
All was pent up,
With me so tensed.

Then came the worst part,
A blood curdling howl,
The creaking of the stairs,
And the hooting of an owl.

I dashed towards the garden,
To save my trembling soul,
Surviving this eerie night,

Was my one and only goal.

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