By Ippy   

When you pull me by my hips
to move me out of the way
or keep me balanced – upright-
or to bring me near;
it’s comfortable
Something you’d only do if you knew someone well:
Know the point of her chin
and the curve of her cheek,
the dip above her hips, the curl of her lips
when she smiles up at you
over the sheets,
through sleepy eyes and cloudy skies.
Know so well you could place your lips on all the tickles with eyes softly shut
and trace her smile with your tongue.
Know places you’d only touch if you knew someone well.
Someone you move with
someone you breathe with
someone you lay with;
lay calm and still--
Or wriggle and tickle and laugh and squirm,
with someone you’d remain in only your skin
and feel perfectly safe;
perfectly known.

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