Know One Special

Today, the present, here and now,
the Great I Am is forever and now.

The past, the future, yesterday and tomorrow,
only today counts, as he is the Father.

A breath, a heartbeat, a new cell grows,
life is continuous, as we all know.

All day long we struggle to survive,
some clinging to the question of, "Why are we alive?"

In the silent night, during the busy and clamorous day,
He watches over us, directs us, in a loving Fatherly way.

I love him, don't understand him, beg for answers each day,
this is the turmoil of life that we all face with pain.

To know Him, is to love Him, it is a joy every day,
He keeps us on the path that will lead to Heaven one day.

To know One Special, is to know his still small voice,
I am no one special, but in that I will rejoice.

There is only one answer to life's simple plan,
know One Special, the Great I Am.

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