Knowing Nothing

Stomp stomp on the brick floor
Stomp stomp on the pavement floor
Colors going on by
Conversations catching my eye
Open and free as a bird can be
Relaxed into the seat,
But knowing that isn’t how life always was to me
It’s different being free
You see it’s feeling the breeze that puts me at ease
Not the people or this seat
I could be anywhere but I am here
Not by choice, but fate
You see it has never been this easy
Being as free as a bird doesn’t put me at ease
That’s never been me
To think without others opinions is challenging
What is there to think about other than things that already have opinions
Things that are already labeled
I didn’t have a mind of my own
To be this free is challenging for me
Thinking on my own terms gives me, not a sense of relief
But anxiety
Day by day that goes by, things ease out
Able to see things in different eyes
I am beginning to understand
What am I understanding
I am understanding that there’s too much to understand
That’s only if I use my senses to pre-opinioned things
To be able to think with nothing is special and rare
Nothing is better than to think of something that means nothing
It creates endless questions that have infinite answers
My mind is nothing, but filled with everything
My mind is everything, but filled with nothing
Only I know the nothing
Do you know the nothing
Do you even notice the nothing
The world knows nothing

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