Knowledge is the emancipation of mental slavery,
It is a barrier shield against your own ignorance,
Grab it, hold it, store it, and sustain it,
Unshackle yourself from the lasting bonds of mental slavery,
It is never too late to embrace the warmth of books,
While locked in prison, Malcolm X was in his late 20’s
When he began reading books, so, what is your excuse?
Drip your mind in honey and enter the honeycomb of knowledge,
Don’t let the upper echelons of society control how you spend your time,
Fly like a bird but extend your vision as an Eagle soaring through the skies,
Knowledge is what glues your body to your mind,
Knowledge is a faucet of the greatest wealth,
Knowledge is the best recipe for success,
Knowledge is the invisible arbitrator,
Knowledge is the only prescription that can cure any illness,
Knowledge is the pen of eternal hope.

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