The time has come past midnight and at this juncture...
of knowing what has transpired as known.
Objects of history as known, events past as known...
and casting a shadow of no doubt at knowing these past known. The known known.
These known past events may occur in the future or a spell may
deny past known objects to materialize and it is unknown what may. Unknown known.
The time has come past knowing that the unknown will occur...
just to teach us the humility of knowing and acknowledging. Known unknown.
Obviously, there are things that are unknown to us and...
we do not even know that we do not know. Unknown;... Unknown.

For the known known reveals to us the uncertain future of not knowing.
For the universe has no need for knowing which reveals a betrayal.
For the notion of an ego is to make us feel unique and not one with the universe.
For now the notion of the unknown unknown I submit as evidence in a crime.
For all this exhibit, our mind’s ego continues to betray us by thinking...
For the universe, thinking is a crime and knowing nor unknown is of no substance.

In my defence I betray the universe as my creator and the master of my mind.
I further curse whatever I created as which was blessed by my ego.
I spit on those who judge that I ignored the unknown unknown as a known fact.
I am a crime that is investigating the unknown unknown, justice be told.
I swear that I can tell you what I know about the unknown unknown.
I swear, GOD is my witness, my creator and your judge; truth be said.
I do not know.

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This Poems Story

The brain is structured in a way that only one process can occur at a time. As such there is no multiprocessing by our mind and this discrete nature of our brain is a limit towards unlimited form of thinking. Here on this poem is a journey into accepting that there are some areas of the mind that the mind can not access. In fact, I do not know whether such areas exists in the first place. What I do know is what has already been observed by scientist and that being the observable universe. What I also do know is how the universe observed me and what the universe did about me. I know that the universe did not use the brain to observe me. I do acknowledge thou that the universe must be having a mind even thou the universe does not have a brain. My attempt then was to look into what is limitation to my brain through the mind of the universe. Enjoy the mind bending.