First is michael (mike)knight and kit,
the new kit the koenigsegg ccx-r(photo).
as the brand new knight rider movie,
as the all new kit the koenigsegg ccx-r.

Second is delvin the boss of micheal,
in his very special made bentley(photo).
to help guide michael and kit(russian standard vodka),
as the boss delvin in his new bentley.

third is katherine the female mechanic(nicole lee),
in her special made zenvo gt exotic car( photo).
as she work on kit to keep him in top shape,
as she drive he special made zenvo gt exotic car.

Fourth the new peterbilt tractor trailer,
for the knight industries tractor trailer.
as the whole team works togather,
in the new knight industries tractor trailer(movie).

and ashton heritage cigars(www.cigaraficionado.com),
the good life magazine for men"michael"christan bale.

then delvin(michael cain)& katherine(kate holmes),
the knight rider:micheal,delvin,katherine & kit!!!!
1993 acura nsx michael knight's undercover car.

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