Kung flu


"Once there was a human race",far too sound,
They had problem for problems,now no where to be found.
They used to compete ,ah compete a lot;
And far too proud of their egos,
Everybody considered themselves a big shot.

Parted lands,parted people,even parted of their ethos;
Never observed here I was seeking tranquility,not chaos.
This class was very jittery no one knows why,
I witnessed their efforts they put somehow to reach beyond the sky.

Everything worked and ran smooth,not a lot to bother,
But this human race was not content and lacking of peace altogether,
With shenanigans they belived the sun shouldn't be lonely from east;
'KUNG FLU' the evil was readily invited for a feast .

Kungflu came to envelope this planet from east to west;
Applauding their creation ,sapiens came to rest.
Such was the show humans wished to manifest ;
Well here I am nature,content with happenings that seem ‛the best‘

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