L.i. F. E.

Babies babies precious they may be
Single single mothers are we
In our wound they develop and grow
What we feel upon deliverance only we may know
The moment doesn't last forever
Lifetime the child will live whether
Whether their good whether their bad
A woman a mom a man a dad
Parents mother/father circumstances are sad
But wherever the baby resides child will be glad
It is not their fault
Through it all they must still be taught
Manners adult hood it goes on and on
Wonder what a realman thinks
knowing his child needs him and by choice he is gone
In another life in another world
Especially a man being a father to his little girl
A fathers seed produces and develops
Some disown the woman as her stomach swells up
You may not be in a relationship you may not be married
Your and your genes a baby was still carried
It wasn't pretend it wasn't a fairy
May have been lust no ones fault
but adults living your child is a must
This generation it's ridiculous it gets sad
Once again babies are precious they blossom like a flower
Hang in there ask God he has all the power

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