L is for…

He holds my hand right at the edge.
Edge of this ledge, and summons me to jump.
unsure, untrusting i look him eyes.
The darkest shade of brown, staring deep.
Deep into my very being, i pull back.
Uncertain, unruly he is the object of my desire.
Desire so deep i regress, crawl back to what i know.
Only thing is, knowing loneliness aint' so fun.
Alone I begin to think, maybe he's what i need.
Need begins to maraud my mind.
Knocking down my door.

I keep him at bay, as they say.
When the cats away the mice will play.
Only there are no mice.
There is just me, at times like these.
I get weak, but not in the knees.
Succumb to his charms, unsure.
Unsure of what he can do.
Unwilling to lose what i've guarded with my life.

He becomes the night that engulfs my mind.
The fog that clouds my vision.
The adrenaline that jump starts my heart.
I feel myself losing control in the most dangerous of ways.
Feel myself falling deep.
Deep into the throws of a love
A love that i have yet to experience.
I find at this ledge once again.
My eyes meet his, and for once I.
I jump.

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