I love you, in case I may not say it enough.
Because at times this life may distract us from our very own passion, separating souls as if time was willing to wait for us.

Thankyou, for doing all you do, because I may not always show you appreciation, but I need you to know, the things you do never go unnoticed, for your life be put on
pause solely to cater to my heart.

May you be the blood pumping through my veins, forever giving me life, using the power of our forever to make this one last.

A roller coast we’ve ridden, and only God knows how afraid we are to fall, but I fell for you, and just as unexpected as it came, you caught me.

My heart falls into the palm of your hands, as you gently hold it, and since the very beginning , you’ve never let it go.

I knew you were the one, you began to caress my thoughts, your raw emotion gliding down my soul as my tears began to quiver, because I’ve never felt a vibe so potent.

From that moment on, I loved you, not because of who I wanted you to be, but for the man you were.

You opened up to me that night, and I knew if you could love me through all that, you could love me for a lifetime, and I can’t promise you forever, but I can promise you my love.

I give you all of me now, and this is my promise, because this life you have forever changed, and my heart, is protected with you....don’t let it go,
I love you...

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