Label Me As Stereotyped

Who are we?
just your niggers with no class.
You know the ones that live in the hood
Or in the streets in which we call trash?
The inhumane, the robbers, the felons?
Yeah just your average negro that loves the red

Who are we?
The monkeys, the “scratchers”
Or the money makers who spit bars
The, “New Age Rappers”.
Yes the same 31% who are in gangs
The 14% that only speaks slang
The dirty blacks who recently cried out in pain
The same equal citizens who are defined as inhumane?

Who are we?
You should know who we are.
The dancing black negroes that’ll never go far.
I mean did I say we're crazy ? I mean are we not rude?
The average weave wearing girls
ghetto attitudes?
Or the men who smoke weed
That sag to look cool.
You’ve heard of us.
The dropouts with no education
That can’t afford school?

Wait….no that don’t sound right. Hold up:

Is this how we’re defined? Is this really our label?
Barbaric African Americans that are hardly ever stable?
I mean hello reality? Is there a button to enable?
Let’s just pause for a minute. Oh and put fantasy on disable.

Who are we?
Let’s get things straight
And yes these are all facts so it’s not up for debate.
We are lawyers, teachers, employers...
not your prostitute on the block.
Not your average black male selling weed smoking pot.

We have Kings and Queens.
We have power we have rights
Try and underestimate us.
We “negroes” ain’t backing down from a fight.
But not everyone knows this. So let’s help them get a clue
You changed us, but let’s change the world too.

We’ll fight we’ll protest, yell, speak out!
Let no man or woman put tape around our mouth.
But if things get rough, no turning back to run
Because we will not stop until the day is won.
~Adora Weir-Dowd

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