Lack Of A Better Title

In a cabin full of sorrow lays a piece paper.
The paper has a plain drawing of oak bark
With a clear title identifying the drawing
Which read; Oak Bark Shredded
As if the paper didn't speak for itself.
Below the drawing laid the words, "we are trees."
As hard times is nothing but your opinion,
The fallen ideas that landed into goals
It would read my hopes & dreams,
And the clock is ticking.
People had said with words of encouragement great things happen.
As you look at movie titles; Place the disc in your hands.
Thinking someone made this, created this movie.
The idea of starting something,
Using a stone to spark fire
Set pictures and images, make meaning to most words.
I am a hypocrite, I am selfish.
I can do better, I can be great.
Will this change me? Never, I will always remain as I am.
Just as the paper was once abandoned,
I felt myself drift from normal thoughts of writing on paper.
To dictated about the complexity of life with no words what so ever.
A will with death, a reasoning statment.
Locked down by failures, & decision to stop
I hold a key to open your heart,
The door that had you caged inside
Was this the reason you closed your eyes

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