Ladder to Higher Light

Hands trapped in cuffs
Breathing heavy I take a couple of last puffs
Exerting energy
Dying slowing from the cuffs bringing on so much synergy
One final mighty thrust to pull free
No one has faith in me
And deep down nothing I can see
Suddenly my body begins to shake
Like an abrupt earthquake
My world before me shatters
But ahead of me appears multiple ladders
I extend my reach to grab ahold
In desperation of all beginning to unfold
Noticing my hands are now vacant
I think to myself, "I can Make it!"
Soaring up the ladder to higher light
It no longer seems like an underdog fight
Feelings of willpower overcome
And now I know my own outcome
Life is what I make
One must always push on for their own sake
Love is inside oneself
But always remember to love yourself

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