Ladies of the Night

Rolling out of my cocoon
my body Deet from head to feet
another day to fight the heat
the children delight to see a new volunteer from overseas
they fill my day with joy and laughter
It's the ladies rendering me a flesh of thrones
with long thin sexy legs, prominent heads,
lazy eyes, tiny scales to hide their gender
making me the object of their nesting
from head to toe, they search my body
to find a spot to where Off is lacking
and with no warning they strike
drawing blood drinking my life
Itching and swelling to my skin's regret
Mountains that weep, ooze, and itch
Calamine lotion does not defeat
Isopropyl and Aloe Vera smooth the site
Baking soda dries the tears
scratching never felt so dear
Sunshine makes them die
in cloudy days, they live and strive
Evening rituals, burning incense
offering prayers to the gods of the night
To keep pesky ladies away and
Dengue, Malaria, or Zeka won't come my way.

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This Poems Story

Thank you for advancing my poem to the semi-final round of Poetry Nation's amateur poetry competition. I am very excited that my poem was selected. I was on my first missions trip in Belize working with children when I crafted "Ladies of the Night." At the time the Zeka virus was a threatening menace to people traveling to central America. My poem is of my reflections and deadly rituals I had to perform to protect myself from these pesky ladies who used my blood to populate colonies of mosquitoes.