Lady by the Sea

Within the ends of the universe, far far away
Beyond the luminescence of the starry skies,
There lies a kingdom that is hidden by the allure of ethereal energy.

Within this kingdom by the sea,
The moon shines its unfailing beauty.
There lives a maiden clothed in garments of majesty,
And her aura sparkles in rainbows of light and integrity.
O how magnificent at this sight!

Staring at the sea, she recalls her past.
Strength lies in her heart,
As she smiles without the fear of the future.
O how can I let you go when my heart is with you?
In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you.

Her majesty is covered in strength and dignity.
O how I love her tenacity!
As the stars glimmers upon the ocean waves,
In a thousand years, I will never forget that day.

She was in tears, and I was in joy
By the brilliance of the sea,
And we adored with an affection that was more than love,
In that moment, just you and me.

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