Lady Liberty

She stood tall and strong on that September day,
She saw the Towers crumble and the skies turn to gray.
Clouds of ashes and screams emitted,
from the crumbling Towers and the people in it.
Widows were made and children made parentless.
Firemen died with blood,sweat and tears,
as they had learned to over the years.
Skeletons of buildings lay on the ground,
Just like the bodies that,
were strewn all around.
Buildings collapsed into dust,
Lives lived, gone and crushed.
Hours turned into days and then to months and then years,
And that still isn't enough to settle our fears.
Here we are now slowly regaining our sanity,
We cannot forget the tears we cried for all of the humanity.
Lady Liberty still stands sad and forlorn,
For the lives forever taken and the destruction are gone.
Our Flag still waves for the Firefighters Brave.
And for all the lives they died to save.
We will forever remember the 11th of September.

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