Lady moon glow

Night air. The moonlight dancing in the shadows. The stream glowing with the light of the stars. What beauty does the night hold the secrets of passion by the light of the moon. What purity is brought upon by the coming of the rain. What secrets come to life by the cloak of night. What beauty of woman kind is in the light of day is put to shame when her beauty is seen by the shade of night by the all seeing stars the eyes of Heaven by the light of the moon. The forest so quiet and yet, so full of life. What passion fills the night air the sense of magic a feeling from within. By candlelight men wonder of the great kingdom Heaven. What wonders hide in the sheild of the night sky. The magic felt not by our hands but by our hearts. A feeling that guides us to our true homes. The feeling of warmth from the embrace of a woman. The feeling of mystery and wonder felt only at night. The power of the deire for her most intimate embrace. What secrets does the night conceal. Secrets to be revealed by twilights coming only to elude our grasp by the break of dawn. In the cloak of night by the light of the full moon in the passion of a woman is born love eternal.

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