Lady of midnight

My lady of midnight,
I saw you standing under the street light.
Raging in crimson, bitter red,
You walked into my life,like a flaming dread.

Dazzling eyes, a golden hue,
For I fell in love with you.

My lady wrapped in pale sheets,
I kissed your neck, cuddled our feets.
Your hair a chaotic mess of dark cloud,
A morning sigh, for I couldn't say it aloud.

Maddening soul, a radiant view,
And I fell in love with you.

My lady looking out the window,
I woke up to your hour glass shadow.
A lit up cigarette, kissed by the scarlet lips,
Smoke curled up, as my heart skips.

Blood red petals, a moss grown dew,
For darling, I fell in love with you.

My lady of the moonlight,
You kissed me under that street light.
Crooked voice, one plead to "stay",
You enigmatic damsel, you ran away.

Roses and candles, still burning few,
Dear lady, I fell hard for you.

My lady of the midnight,
I saw you under the street light.
The same old lane, now one memory,
My vision so unclear, my mind blurry.

As I walk slowly down the memory lane,
I fell in love with you , yet again.

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