Lady of The Lake

Beyond the engulfing smog and condemning dragoon,
My empty vessel sails free to a grassy paradise,
Drifting on waves over a bottomless lagoon,
As I seek an escape from my mouldering demise.

Over towering mountains, through enchanting forest,
The crisp, fresh air cleanses my withering soul,
Wandering deep into land far from the depressed,
Until I find myself at the banks of a mystical pool.

There she stands in the middle of the water,
My eyes fixed upon the figure of captivating beauty,
The tormenting despair disappears as I cross the border,
Wading past the cold threshold of peaceful eternity.

Gliding graciously through the fog as I desperately swim closer,
From afar she reaches out her hand for me to take,
Yet my heart has grown tired like music with no composer,
I fell victim to the Lady of The Lake.

Sinking into the abyss, she watches with a smile,
For she knows that I followed without any mistake,
The surreal escape freed the past haunting trial,
I was saved by the Lady of The Lake.

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