Lady Of The Night

Softly she walks across the garden floor,
Her long black gown swaying in the breeze.
She covers all the towns knocking on every door,
Never missing a flower, rock, blade of grass, or leaf.

Gently gliding through the darkness she comes,
Touching everything with her laced gloved hands.
Blocking all light from the everlasting sun,
Onward she goes darkening every place in the land.

Quietly every living thing is laid to rest,
On wings of shadows she glides through out the world.
Her braided hair flows down her gown upon her chest,
Around her perfect round face lays every black curl.

When the sun comes up she goes into hiding,
Until yet again she comes to put out the light.
On a dark horse she may enter within riding,
Indians say her spiritual name is lady of the night.

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