Lady stone

I once knew a lady who " when i looked into her eyes, she told a story of her's that she carried for so long . she was beautiful in her stature and brave in her ways and with each and every year that would come and go , she soon would gather stone , piece by piece and warn a vail of pain to cover her tears so know one would know. For she knew pain and hurt and tried to get up several times before she finally gave into the pain and became no more then her own stone and became ice cold and could not feel no longer and no more. For she had gave so much and felt like she lost so much to the point of death, until she lost everything and gave into the anger she held . Now firing into a raging title wave that soon consumed her and who she would become.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about how we give fight in everyday life to struggle and stay alive and overcome those things in life that we face and deciding with the choice to let it break us and over come us or for us to over come it and become more then what we face in any situation.