Lady Wisdom

Here she is,in all her splendor-
Free of skeletons that have a tendency
to hold on to the past-
Blazing a trail set towards the future.
The sky is the limit;for a mind set on prosperity,
of positiveness,and a confidence to know that she's worthy-
Makes all the difference.
A type of mindset that makes a mark on this world,
that effortlessly,makes it a better place-
So here she is in her splendor,uplifted by God's grace-
Some would say that "she has arrived" untouched
by what this world dishes out,all of the things
that have crossed her path-
Blind to her moments of insecurities,countless
times of doubt-
Yet,she is still here,not wavered by defeat because
she comes from a mold set in stone,from a point in
time where what was-
Has been broken,no one's thoughts are their own-
Simply one of the chosen few,and because no one can undo
what God ordained;here she remains-
A pillar or strength,reflection of knowledge gained-
Will you take the time to embrace her?
Or will you remain the same?

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